Truck Description

To offer a top quality service, we consider that the best of the materials is needed with our truck.
The most beautiful cars deserve to be transported in the most beautiful trucks.

That is why we use a new truck DAF, 250 hp, low tonnage and a compact size allowing to go almost everywhere.

Built in March 2016, conceived fully customized for transporting one to two cars, according to the size ( for example, 1 SUV or 2 sport cars ).

The truck is equipped with the last technologies, such as the adaptative cruise control. But especially, it has a tailgate F1 type allowing to load cars with very low ground clearance,, such as the supercars or competition vehicles.

Also, rare thing, the tailgate can tilt down to be used in conventional ramps mode, allowing to load long and heavy limousines.

The floor is adjustable so as to adapt to the height of your vehicles.

We wanted doors on each side, in order to be able to get in and out of your car without risking damaging them..

Finally, completely closed and unmarked,, your cars will be safe from bad weather and prying or ill-intentioned eyes. In addition, to insure a maximum safety, the truck is fully alarmed and geolocated..

Visit the photo gallery of our new truck :

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